Privacy Policy

Privacy policy:

Personal or business information:

The website may request for your information while you browse the site; the information could be related to your name, email address, phone number, etc. once you provide this information in business interest, we assure you to safeguard it and not disclose it anywhere. In special cases, we may share the information with our business associated only after your consent. To verify your identity, we may use your information to validate from authentic sources. In case of testimonial given by you, it is solely your right to weather to disclose your name. We assure you not to put out your name or personal information in the feedback given by you.

Unintentional information record:

The website may contain message boxes or chat apps asking for your information; providing your information on these media is entirely your decision. Bizlytik does not force or encourage you to provide this information. However, in case you happen to provide the information, it will get stored in our customer database which we timely access to reach out to our potential clients.


The content on this website is under Bizlytik copyright. The company holds all right to share, reproduce, amend or alter this content whenever required. If an individual or business entity is found to copy, transfer, resale or reproduce the content, it will be subjected to face legal actions from the company.

Policy changes:

The aforementioned policies will undergo regular timely changes. In case we make substantial changes in the policy, we will make sure to update them on the website as soon as they are effective. We reverse the rights to make changes in the policy; however, we assure you that client interest is taken into consideration.


As said earlier, we assure you of the best transparency practices concerning our policies. However, we also urge you to keen make a record of these policies. As you read these policies, it is inferred that you agree with them.

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