Privacy Policy

Terms and Condition

Bizlytik is happy to help you but under the following terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are applicable as you visit or shop on our website. We have made our terms and conditions very transparent, taking into account our and your business interests. We hold the right to change, amend and edit these terms and conditions on a timely basis. Any of these chances are effective as soon as they are posted on this site.

Kindly make a keen note of the following;

Website Information

We are entitled to our information on this website. With regular updates we hold copyrights of all the content posted on this website; thus we urge you not to use this information for your personal or business objectives.

Electronic Business Communication

Once you visit or place a request on the Bizlytik website, you enter into business communication with the company. As communication is not one-sided, we will reciprocate to your contact via email or any other electronic communication channel. We assure that these communications will be entirely related to business.

Delivery Timeline

Once the order placed on our website, we will commence our side of the research process and provide a sample report within 24 hours (in case of technical and other obstacles, this could extend). After the project is confirmed, we provide the report within 24-48 hours, the timelines will be communicated in special cases.


Bizlytik reverses the right to hold or withdraw product access in case of failure of full payment from the client. The payment for the standard report is limited to only the cost incurred for producing the particular report. In the case of custom research and specific client requirement, the charge could increase. Any payment made to any third party that is not legally associated with Bizlytik is solely your responsibility. No refunds will be made in such cases.

Confidentiality of Intellectual Property

The reports purchased from Bizlytik fall under the compliance of the license provided to you by us. You are entitled to the product after it is legally purchased from us; however, you can use the product only within the boundaries of the license agreement between you and Bizlytik. You do not hold the authority to copy, reproduce, alter or amend the product for your commercial interest. You cannot share the product with any third party that is not under the license agreement.

End Product Quality

We have shared our methodology on the website and assure the quality of our product. For you to have a glimpse of our product to gaze at the quality and quantity of information, we provide a free demo sample of the report. Once you purchase the report post seeing the sample, you will get little to no room for arguing about the report content and extensiveness.

Discount and Offers

As we timely offer discounts on our products, we make sure to provide a deadline for the same. Once the discount offer is off the deadline, the client will not be entertained regarding the same. However, in case of discount offered over business communication, the discount is applicable, provided that the communication is recorded.

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