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Bizlytik offers platforms that are the most customized way of engaging with us. We provide consulting and market research services across various industry verticals. Our industry experts and analyst work together to materialize your thoughts into an actionable plan. We provide complete value chain analysis across verticals and various levels along with the implementation of projects. Bizlytik has been helping companies in converting information into actionable intelligence through holistic research and exhaustive analysis. Whether you strive to improve your marketing performance, introduce a new product, or enter a new regional market, our ability and capability to synthesize multi-dimensional data allow us to provide broader, richer and penetrative insights for calculated decision-making. Our consulting services are spread across all functions of business which includes pre-feasibility, execution till project closure. Our team is specialized in project management, big data analysis, and our consulting services are easy to acquire adopt and executive.

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  • Extensive Research Coverage

    We have been in the research industry for more than a decade which has enabled us to cover all the domains of industry and market research ranging from Healthcare to Chemical industry. Through this course, we have been able to produce a plethora of reports which accounts to more than 15000 reports across 7 major industry categories.


    We have not only gathered knowledge about standard standalone industry domains but also gain insights about cross-functional industry segments such as Healthcare and Information Technology. We understand the cross segmental needs for the clients, thus offer crisscross industry solutions with the help of our techno-functional and techno-commercial analyst team.


    While other market intelligence companies focus on large established markets of products and services, we seek new business opportunities for our clients in the niche areas of the industry. We offer inventors prospects for new business avenue in the promising and lucrative budding niche markets. Our expert team studies the products and services market which are in the nascent stage of their life cycle and provide penetrative market insights regarding the same.


    Having a repository of over 15000 reports, we have access to many and any parent market analysis. A library of reports comes in handy when an urgent client requirement is to be catered in the short deadline. We have an exhaustive database of parent market numbers and insights which enable us to customize and collate information with a not beatable tour around time.


    Competitive intelligence is an essential part of our market assessments. Our competitive intelligence involves fetching vital information such as company product portfolio, financials, operations, research and development, and geographic presence, etc. through our in-house assessment tools, we run a comparative analysis of these parameters for all industry participants which enables us to provide each company’s SWOT as compared to another.


Our Expertise that Sharpens Your Business Performance

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis

    Our reports that involve studying the market from demand-side are largely based on consumer behavior analysis. Be it a product or service market, we consider consumers as the mainstream source which influences not only the demand but also the product development and introduction strategies of the companies. Our consumer behavior analysis includes consumer buying behavior, consumer product expectation, consumer purchasing trends, and many other consumer-oriented factors.

  • Forecasting

    We proudly believe ourselves as the pragmatic forecasters. Having had long experience in the industry, we have developed a robust in-house forecasting model that is built on various statistical models. Our forecasts are based on facts, supported by calculated assumptions and cemented by our numerical expertise. Our projection sheds light on the future potential of an established market and also the new to the world product market.

  • Tailor-Made Solutions

    We understand that not every client seeks industry reports in its wholesome nature and requires very specific information. In such cases, we offer customization on our standard reports or provide an exclusive tailor-made report which can suffice specific client requirement. Our tailor-made report includes individual product analysis, peer analysis, specific region or country level market analysis and anything that falls under the client's interest.

  • Investment Opportunity

    Bizlytik team of industry specialists constantly keeps an eye out for lucrative investment opportunities for our clients. The team assesses global economic indicators, potential domains for investments, potential geographic terrain, new product adoption prospecting and much other investment indicating parameters. Our opportunity analysis is substantiated with authentic facts and figures, projections and sources.

Why Choose Us?

Bizlytik is a market research and consulting firm which operates in the business to business research space. We provide qualitative and quantitative research reports for all the major industry domains to clients across the globe. Bizlytik is one of the leading provider of global business intelligence which includes, market, product, consumer, competitor, and vendor information along with insightful analysis. We offer in-depth research support, market estimates, statistical data and forecast through the primary and secondary modes of research. Our products and services include syndicate reports, custom research and consulting services.


  • Syndicate Industry Reports

    Our syndicated industry reports provide a wholesome knowledge of a particular market. These reports are usually composed of global analysis of the market which includes, major regional analysis, major product or service analysis, global competitive landscape, market estimates, and future projections.

  • Custom Research

    Understanding the exclusivity of every business and company, we do take into account the specific requirements of the client. To provide the best solution to the client, we offer 20% free of cost customization on our syndicate reports. We put at most attention and effort into catering to custom requirements and provide a reliable product.

  • Consulting Service

    Apart from providing market research and estimates, we also engage in consulting projects. With the gamut of industry studies and data, we are poised amid market intelligence. Our research findings coupled with our experts’ insights facilitates us to provide actionable suggestions and reliable recommendations. Our consulting services include new product development landscaping, market entry strategy formulation, market expansion plans and more.

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